The Change Agent – Affirmations

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As author Bruce Barcomb states, “What we listen to between our left and right ear, can have an impact on who and what we become.” Affirmations are the power that encourages you to act in a particular way, change your negative thoughts into positive ones, and concentrate on achieving your goals in life. It’s a whole new belief system that can help you restore self-confidence and positivity in your life. So what exactly is an affirmation?
An affirmation can be a positive statement or a few humble words tapped into your unconscious and conscious mind that allow you to reach your full potential in life. Every individual at some point in their life has unhealthy and negative thoughts about themselves and how they live their lives. While you cannot avoid these thoughts, an affirmation can help you create a paradigm shift in the way you think and act. It can make you change your emotions, reassess your belief system, and alter your behavior for the better. According to Richard J. Dsouza, a renowned clinical hypnotherapist at a reputable institute, “Affirmations can help people achieve greatness and goals in life.”
Affirmation offers a multitude of advantages to people who utilize it. From inducing positivity in your lifestyle to helping you achieve your dream, you can benefit a lot by accepting a lot of things. As author Bruce Barcomb mentioned in his book, “The Change Agent- Paradigm Shift in Consciousness,” affirmation can help individuals deal with guilt, criticism, and shame effectively. The author explained how affirmation helps individuals reflect on acceptance, sense of God, and self-love from a spiritual, psychological, and philosophical perspective.
In the book, Bruce also elaborated on how one can achieve affirmation through the following points:
• Stop Criticizing Yourself – criticism doesn’t change anything, which is why people should stop criticizing themselves. Accept the way you are, and the rest will follow. When people criticize themselves, they inadvertently develop negative feelings and emotions toward themselves. On the contrary, those who appreciate themselves are instilling positive behavior and gestures in their life. Thus, one way to acquire the power of affirmation as explained by the author is to give up on self-criticism.
• Stop Scaring Yourself – don’t let your thoughts terrorize you as that will make your life all the more dreadful. Find a cherished thought, a happy memory, or any mental image that gives you pleasure, and replace your scary thoughts with good ones to calm your nerves.
• Be Kind, Gentle, and Patient – Bruce advises people to stay kind and gentle to themselves. Kindness and patience can go a long way if only people learn to love and appreciate themselves just like they would love someone else. Remember that love starts within, and only then can you spread it to the world.
• Be Kind to Your Mind –Do you feel hatred toward yourself for having negative emotions and thoughts? Instead of hating how you feel and think about yourself, you should focus on changing your thoughts. Be kind to your mind and try loving yourself for a change.
• Self-appreciation – praise yourself to boost your inner spirit. Self-appreciation will build you up, whereas self-criticism will break you down. Whether you’re having a good hair day, have successfully accomplished a small task, were able to step out after an episode of depression, or are simply trying to become a better person, learn to appreciate your efforts. Bruce explains the importance of self-appreciation when discussing the power of affirmation.
• Support yourself- Do you know that you are your biggest support system? Only when you learn to support yourself will you be able to support others around you. Bruce also advises people to reach out to their friends and family and seek their help if necessary. He emphasized how strong it is to ask others for help even though most people think of it as a weak gesture.
• Let Go of Your Negative Emotions – you develop negative emotions to fulfill your needs. Similarly, you can develop positive emotions to get peace of mind. Therefore, slowly and patiently let go of your negative emotions to instill new and positive feelings in yourself.
Conclusively, affirmations are your way to deal with negative emotions and feelings. It’s a way to muster up courage and thoughtfulness for yourself. The art of affirmation can help you let go of your emotional baggage and build up inner strength effectively.