FROM 30,000 FEET


The Change Agent From 30,000 Feet, Second Edition, has been updated to encapsulate more of our human history. It as timely now, as it was then, and offers a revised topical format to offer aid quickly ascertaining pertinent subject narratives.

Life affords everyone by choice, compliance, or forced opportunities to adapt or transcend old patterns of our lives. These seemingly random life forces take us on a quest from beginning to end with absolutely nothing promised except the adventure. How we as human beings adapt to perceived changes is predicated upon what we as individuals and collectively as a society embrace and overcome these life events. The individual stewing and simmering of life ingredients are what makes the difference between a well-adapted human being and a deranged person doing harm to others.

We can change and adapt at any time, but inevitably, life’s little change agents are what we make of them. We can be better than the worst aspects that life may have afforded us. Our learning curve is what we leave for others.