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The Change Agent - Paradigm Shift in Human Consciousness

My Book, “The Change Agent Paradigm Shift in Consciousness” was written in response to the January 6th 2021 Capital Insurrection.  The book was less about political viewpoints and took a long hard look at our collective human evolution.

I returned back to the beginning of my initial book which underscored “What we see we learn, what we learn we practice, and what we practice we become. And if Nothing Changes, Nothing Changes.”  This paramount fundamental learning construct of human evolution thinking is hard wired into our human psychological makeup. 

Depending on what we have learned individually and collectively results in a different paradigm shift in conscience for each of us.  Our human evolution individually is based on what we have seen, learned, practiced and become.  Even our initial concept of spirituality is predicated on what others have chosen to pass on to each of us.  Religious ideology, up until now, has been the generational hand off since time in memorial.

These synthesized thoughts, feelings, ideas, and experiences form neuro net pathways in our brain; firing chemicals into our receptors.  All memory and emotions are chemically stored in our brain, and it’s our hypothalamus, the brains production factory, that regulates how we respond.  We have forged a trail into the unknown resources in our brains based upon what we have seen, learned, practiced and become. 

If we liken our brain, self, being born into this world similar to a computer hard drive, all these internal and external outputs, experiences, learned behaviors, are stored.  Some of what we have learned maybe similar to a trojan virus infecting our thinking and thought processes based on your repetitive exposure to these behavioral defects.  The change agent for each human being is their own internalization of a myriad of stored inputs and outputs.

We may not be responsible ultimately for all of what we have seen, practiced, or become but we are empowered to create a different paradigm shift in conscience.  We ultimately do have free will as to who and what we become. Otherwise, we may become like a drone army blindly following the dictates of another’s directives.  Even here, fear may become good orderly direction, g.o.d., as not supporting a group’s ideology may bring oppression, bigotry, or maybe even violence.

The fundamental concept of human psychology applied to this simple learning curve transcends all internalized constructs.  Creating a different paradigm shift in conscience is the only tool that we have to become the change agent in our own lives.  Even our political values are part of our human evolution as to what we choose to allow as a core moral value.  We become chemically addicted in our neuro net to branding, messaging, and yes in some cases even disinformation.

The Change Agent Paradigm Shift in Consciousness took a look at the ability to holistically look at and dissect some of what our human psychology internalization of political values, spirituality, and philosophy in life maybe.  Remember, everything is a learned behavior installed into our neuro net after birth. 

The goal of this process was to be able to look at the palpable truth for an individual upon any myriad of topics, versus blindly following a crowd or continuing along in a behavior that does not support their genuine self.  The change agent begins with internal awakening, a desire for something different, and implementing a different paradigm shift in conscience.  This involves real change impacting and creating new neuro net pathways that support our truth.

Our emotional investment to false branded information, even misinformation or disinformation, requires an individual capable of discerning truth from untruth.  As I looked at truth, and the human psychology book I considered psychoanalysis and the patriarchs and dogma of these disciplines. 

Inclusive of these core ideological beliefs was a womb to tomb look at religion from the beginning of time to present day to encapsulate and look at what humankind has thought, believed, and become since recorded history.

As we are finite in our period of time on planet earth, our traditional generational handoff of knowledge, political values, religion have been predicated upon prior generations.  In addition, as we look at our evolution, some of what we believe may be based on our patch quilt of knowledge that no longer holds true from prior generational information handoffs. 

With newly awakened fact-based knowledge we become empowered to create a paradigm shift in new knowledge being incorporated and handed off to the next generation.  Technology has given us tools to look at the truth, and not simply repeat old ideological values, dogmas, that no longer hold true for ourselves.  This is where we transcend former knowledge basis from political books, philosophy books, and human psychology to arrive at truth for ourselves. 

Some ideologies require you to spew forth only their knowledge base and ignore new information, in effect to discount new fact-based knowledge.  Remember, there is both an emotional and economic investment for these groups that want or desire you to follow only their path of knowledge.

The Change Agent Paradigm Shift in Consciousness looks more to philosophy as philosophy, unlike religion or politics, is predicted primarily upon discerning truth.  The marriage of a tool to discern historical truth for oneself was incorporated for any individual to comprehend what they had seen, learned, practiced and become, in order to ascertain if a different paradigm shift in conscience is required for them.

Empowerment begins when we are able to quiet the inner and outer noise that permeates our thought processes, ideas, and emotions.  The constant spin of information, ideas, may have us unknowingly be like a dog chasing its own tail; unable to break free.  Meditation is the tool I utilize to show up for me, and simply begin to give me 5 minutes of not chasing the next idea, thought or emotion.  It forces me to be present in this moment in time with no thought recognizing inner peace and glimpses of tranquility.

As I looked at what the individuals responsible for the insurrection thought, believed, practiced and became it was self-evident to me that they were chemically addicted to their belief systems.  They were unable to break free from the reinforced negative core beliefs, literally pursuing those beliefs to the point of insanity. 

Their political values and human psychology left them unable to achieve a different paradigm shift in conscience.  Their thoughts and ideas owned them and they were not free.  They may have believed the ideas, but the constant reinforced negative core beliefs left them like a fish on the hook, and not truly free to make more sane rational decisions based upon their core belief systems.

Everything changes, nothing stays the same.  The compulsive thought that owns us will inevitably have less control in time as the repetition of that idea is met with reality.  Philosophy is based upon truth, and when untruth, false fake fact narratives, are portrayed as moral equivalencies its like mixing matter and anti-matter together until the explosion occurs.

Even those who bought into the “Big Lie” inevitably must deal with the reality of facts.  Truth matters, we matter.   So, as I consider the 5 lives lost during the insurrection it cheapens the value of a life, especially those men and women who have given their all for the USA, to place false fact narratives in lieu of truth.

A moral philosophy based in truth, individual and collective truth, versus a dishonest false narrative should be the basis for living, governing, and co-existing.  Political values work only where the sanctity of truth is the empowering fundamental and evolution of their human evolution.

The change agent, paradigm shift in human consciousness, occurs when we live out our truth in actions, words, and behaviors.  When we are able to quiet the mind, body, and spirit we are at peace with ourselves versus contemplating taking over the capital to force a regime change.  Quietness in the heart, mind, body, and spirit are valued more than a false narrative to achieve a dishonest end.

To arrive at a different paradigm shift in conscience requires human evolution, and you becoming the change agent in your life.  Otherwise, we may be no better than George Orwell’s dystopian world of his novel 1984 where Big Brother is always watching.  The ministry of propaganda slogans hung proudly stating, “Ignorance is Strength, War is peace, Slavery is Freedom.” Don’t be a slave to a false narrative or ideology by being so chemically addicted that you are unable to be you or see truth from untruth.

When my book, “The Change Agent Paradigm Shift in Consciousness” was asked to be considered as a documentary style film at the Vail Film Festival I was honored to be asked.  The hard work and effort in a fact-based narrative empowered me to share collective knowledge and light a path for others to be able to break free from the politics of poison, vitriol, and negativity.  That’s why I embraced “The Battle Hymn of the Republic”, HIS TRUTH IS MARCHING ON, in my final chapter.  Seek Truth!!!