In 1965 the band “The Byrds” recorded a song “Turn, Turn, Turn”, which was written by Peter Seeger the folk singer from, “Peter, Paul, and Mary”. The song boroughed from the old testament of Ecclesiastics was about everything having a season. The premise, then as now, was that for everything there is a time and a purpose under heaven. Regardless of political beliefs the right thing, and the only thing for all to do this

The Change Agent – LA Riots 25 Years Revisited

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Indirectly, the LA riots were forced order change by a community that was tired of violations of the core values they subscribed; namely life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The violence of those days for me, even 25 years later, are indelibly imprinted in my mind. I lost a car to theft and vandalism during the riots. I remember driving back northwest along the 405-freeway crossing the 605 North, and going to the 710

Hello world!

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